How to choose the right work boot for you.

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You rely on your work boots on a daily basis to keep your feet safe, warm, comfortable and dry, and Work Boot World has a variety of boots well suited to fit just about any need, but choosing the right work boot for your particular need requires some consideration. Many factors come into play when making a decision as to which work boot to choose, such as type of boot, materials, construction, characteristics, fit, and much more. Doing the proper research can save you time, money, and lots of discomfort, and there are many reputable websites and other resources you can use to gather this information. Reading reviews of the work boots you are considering is often helpful as well. For an unbiased review of work boots, check out

There are a number of different types of boots available, depending on what type of work you do. Steel and composite toe boots are intended to protect your feet and toes when working with heavy objects. What you are working with as well as the environment you are working in will be key determining factors as to whether you choose a steel toe or composite toe boot. Steel toe boots, such as the Caterpillar Spiro, will protect your feet both from heavy objects as well as other hazards you may come into contact with, such as chainsaws and grinders. A composite toe boot is a lighter boot which will still protect your feet, just not to the same degree. Composite toe boots are excellent for security personnel and airport workers, as there is no metal in them and they will not set off metal detectors.

Water resistant or waterproof boots like the Rocky IronClad 6696 are important if you work in a wet environment or may be exposed to rain, snow or ice. Features such as the slip resistant soles of the Caterpillar Holton Steel Toe are also important features to look for as they provide traction on wet or oily floors and other surfaces. If you are working in a cold environment, you will want to find a work boot with the proper insulation. If you work with electricity, you will want to consider a boot which provides protection from electrical hazards, such as the Carolina CA2528 aluminum toe boot.

Besides the features mentioned above, you will also want to consider the safety requirements of your job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides important information regarding the foot protection standards for different jobs, and this is not information which should be overlooked. You’ll also want to consider the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) recommendations regarding the performance requirements for protective boots and other footwear.

Finally, don’t forget to consider the way the boot fits your foot. No matter how well suited a boot is to your particular industry, if it is not comfortable or does not fit your foot correctly, you will most likely be replacing the boots well before you would have had you purchased one that fit properly. Consider the type of socks you will be wearing, as the thickness of your socks can impact the way the boots fit.

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