Everybody's gone country! How to choose the right western boot.

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There are many reasons why one would choose to buy a Western Boot, as they make a stylish addition to many casual outfits. Some of the advantages of western or cowboy boots include a unique shape, added height, variety of decoration, and most of all they are a fun boot to wear.

Cowboy boots will always have a Cuban heel, which is an angled, underslung heel. The heel is usually at least ½” but can be up to 2”, with an average heel height of 1-1.5”. Cowboy boots usually reach at least mid calf, with the tops sometimes having decorative cut outs, although plain round openings can be found. As cowboy boots are intended to be pulled on and off, cowboy boots will not have laces.

Some things you should be aware of when purchasing a cowboy or western boot are sizing challenges, as sizing can vary from one manufacturer to the next, narrow toes which can be problematic for a person with wider feet, and the time involved with breaking them in. Should you choose to purchase a western or cowboy boot, www.workbootworld.com has many different brands and styles to choose from. Some of the various styles of western boots we offer include the classic cowboy boot, ropers, stockman, buckaroo, and others. The classic cowboy boot will usually have a shaft about 12”high, with heels specifically designed to keep you in the saddle, and a toe box to protect your feet if they are stepped on. Ropers usually feature a lower shaft and a more rounded toe. The heels are usually broader on this style of boot and are shaped more like a typical work boot. Stockman style boots are very similar to classic cowboy boots, but tend to have a deeper dip in the scallop, or dip at the front and rear of the boot shaft, as well as a shorter and wider heel. These are boots better for you if you will be on your feet for extended periods of time. The buckaroo style boot’s elongated shaft usually measures in excess of 14” and are often very detailed.

Western style boots add a unique touch to any outfit, and have many practical uses as well. Shop our western boots today and bring out your inner cowboy.

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