What are the consequences of not wearing steel toe boots?

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Foot injuries are quite common, more common than you might think. In fact, nearly a quarter of all disability claims in the world are cause by foot injuries. In America, over $1 billion dollars are spent on workplace related injuries every year. These high foot injury numbers are not limited to the U.S. Many countries don’t enforce strict policies regarding footwear safety.

There is a common misconception that only foot injuries occur to those who work in extremely dangerous environments, but actually there are a number of injuries that can effect employees. These injuries can take a serious toll in their pockets. When employees wear uncomfortable foot wear (steel toe or not steel toe) they can develop chronic aches and pains, suffer from dropped arches, and can get blisters. All of these foot injuries cause a diminished production rate.

Recent research has shown that wearing steel toe boots can reduce the number of work related injuries by a lot. Safety footwear in general helps prevent many common injuries. The following are some common injuries that can be avoided by wearing safety footwear, such as steel toe boots.

  • Spilled chemical burns
  • Spilled hot metal splashes
  • Lacerations, cuts, and worst case scenario, severed toes
  • Puncture wounds from scrap metal, staples, or nails
  • Broken bones or crushed feet
  • Electrical shocks
  • Fractures and sprains

There are so many options for safety footwear, such as steel toe boots, available for affordable prices. There is no logical reason why any responsible company should allow their hard-working employees put themselves in danger by not requiring safety footwear.

Work Boot World offers a large selection of safety footwear, including steep toe boots, for a wide range of prices. Don’t take a chance, safety should always be a priority!



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