Motorcycle Boot Buyer's Guide

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Motorcycle Boot Buyer's Guide

The modern day motorcyclist is in the market for stylish, quality boots that can be easily adapted to daily life.  

Buying the right motorcycle boots means selecting a style that fits your needs and choosing a brand and material that will withstand the test of time. We've put together a handy motorcycle boot shopping guide to help you better determine which boots are perfect for you.

Motorcycle Boots Styles

Harness Boots (aka Engineer Boots)

harness motorcycle boots

Harness Boots, which have been around for many years, are the most common boot style worn in the U.S. They generally range in height from ten inches to twelve inches but can be customized to any height.

Harness boots typically have a squared-toe and use a system of wraparound straps across the wearer’s foot and the heel, which hook onto a ring. Engineer boots are slightly different as they use a single strap across the instep and are sold with a rounded-toe. These two types of motorcycle boots are available for many companies and are also available with soles that provide greater traction.

Shorty Boots

motorcycle boots short

As its name implies, Shorty boots describe those boots with a six to eight-inch height. They never exceed a height of ten inches. They are sometimes called Tactile Boots when worn by cops and firefighters. This is a classic multi-functional boot.

Tall Boots

tall motorcycle boots

Tall Boots are crafted with heights that range from 14 inches – 20 inches. Bikers tend to prefer tall boots because it offers an added layer of protection and additional warmth during the cold winter.

Still, others love Tall Boots because of the fashion statement they reveal.

Tactical Motorcycle Boots

tactical motorcycle boots

This type of motorcycle boot is often worn by motorcyclists and police officers, with boot heights ranging between 8 and 18” tall. Motorcycle Patrol Boots either lace all the way up or has no laces at all.  

Motorcycle boots can be specifically designed as safety boots, steel toe boots, and composite toe boots.

Motorcycle Boots to Avoid

Like most things in life, not all motorcycle boots are the same.

  • Stylish boots or even cowboy boots will likely have a smooth sole made of leather, which makes them a less-than-ideal, even dangerous, for riding a motorcycle.
  • Boots that are designed with very long shoelaces are also an unwise choice because these lengthy laces can catch the engine, the gearshift or even the brake pedal.  
  • Avoid hi-top sneakers – Funky hi-tops are often cross-sold to include the motorcycle rider market. Hi-top sneakers are cool but not even close to being an alternative to the standards motorcycle boots requires when being built.

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