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Good work requires good shoes. The numerous hazards in a busy workplace can only be met with quality footwear. Quality work boots protect the foot, endure harsh conditions, and give their wearers the traction they need to work as hard as they have to.  Here is a selection of some of our best selling work boots.

The Wolverine Tremor has a body made from supple, durable leather, but the front is reinforced with an unyielding steel toe. This means that the shoe will conform to the foot for maximum comfort, but the vulnerable toes are covered and safe from falling objects and accidents. A special waterproof membrane is installed between the foot and the shoe, pulling unwanted moisture away from the body and keeping the feet dry under all work conditions.

The Timberland Pro Powertrain is available in four attractive varieties. This tough and durable shoe has low cut ankles for maximum wearability, but it reinforces the front with an alloy safety toe to keep the wearer safe at work. These shoes are especially suited to those who spend their days on hard floors. The Powertrain comes with a conductive polyurethane midsole that dissipates the repeated shocks to the feet that come with walking all day on a solid and unforgiving surface. The laces use the traditional Ghille pattern.

The Thorogood Moc style boot is ideal for those who encounter damp or dirty environments in the course of their employment. This is one of the toughest and most durable boots that exist.  The body of the boot is made of pebbled leather of the highest grade. The integral steel toe is rated by the ASTM for safety and strength. A side zipper makes it easy to take on or off under challenging conditions. Best of all, it is fully waterproof.

Paramedics and EMTs are two examples of hard working classes of people with specific work boot needs. Workbootworld.com carries shoes designed for their particular specifications. For example, the Rocky First Med is lightweight, waterproof, and has a special coating designed to resist blood borne pathogens. It has a safety toe for the protection of the wearer, but the traditional steel has been replaced with carbon fiber that weighs half as much for the same strength. The soles have been specially designed for slip resistance.

The Chippewa Rally is both a work boot and a work of art. Its black Odessa leather surface and twin buckles attract the eye, but it is designed for rough riding and constant use. A shaft connects the boot to the outsole, the interior has been lined with calfskin, and in all other ways the footwear has been designed to achieve the highest levels of both comfort and safety. This boot is made in the United States.

Work Boot World has a wide selection of work boots, including steel toe boots, composite toe boots, waterproof boots, work boots with metatarsals, and much more. Check out our website to see the rest of our inventory.

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