The Best Work Boots from Well-Known Brands

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There are some styles of workboots that have been helping people stay safe and comfortable on the job for decades. It is due to this lasting appeal and high level of quality that certain styles of boots are always a good choice for people who need them while working. Check this list for a suggestion of five timeless styles of boots that will look and feel great while you are working. 

The Timberland Icon

This is one of the most recognizable boot designs made in the last several decades. The Icon features that distinctive wheat color along with features that aid in comfort such as insulation and a leather high top that reaches the ankles. These boots are also waterproof and all metal parts are rust proof. This combination of features means that they are versatile and great for working in many different environments. They have also been adapted into a number of fashionable settings over the years, meaning they will look great even if you keep them on after work. 

The Caterpillar Levy

This heavy-duty boot is mainstay for job sites in industries that have harsh working conditions. The Levy has a steel toe, waterproof construction, and a sole that is resistant to slipping on moisture and ice. Those who work around electricity will also find the boots useful due to their EH rating to avoid shocks.

The Wolverine Tremor

This is another classic work boot design that features a recognizable brown leather exterior with the distinct wolverine logo. The boots are steel toe, the sole is shock absorbing, and Wolverine has lined the boots with a unique mesh system that both keeps feet dry on the inside and repels moisture from the outside. The upper part of the boot is also made from full grain leather for added comfort and protection. 

Dr Martens Winch

Doc Martens are known internationally for their durability and style that makes them useful in a variety of settings. The winch has the classic trademark black work boot design that has become the Dr Martens template. They contain the famous “air sole” along with a steel toe and slip resistance. The tongue and the collar are padded to provide a comfortable experience throughout the workday.  

John Deere JD4919

John Deere is known for being a part of agricultural and industrial work in the American countryside. This iconic boot has a western cowboy style design, along with safety features such as a steel toe, electrical protection, and a slip-resistant sole made from the same rubber as Goodyear tires. The upper design of the boot is also made from full grain leather. They are also made to maintain maximum airflow for comfort. 

You really cannot go wrong with any of these boots for your personal work needs, as these brands have all remained relevant over time due to their consistent quality. All of these styles are also versatile enough to be used in most work environments no matter how tough the conditions are or how extreme the weather becomes.  

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