Top 5 Leather Worksite Boots

Boots can make a huge difference in how easy your day is as well as how comfortable you are and how safe you are. The right boot can help keep your feet comfy and safe and these five worksite boots are sure to do just that.

1. Caterpillar Alaska P90865 Brown Leather Steel Toe Slip Resistant EH Rated Work Boot- these boots are leather so they are durable, they are also waterproof to keep out any water on the worksite, they are also slip resistant to help make sure you are safe on all surfaces. These boots are also designed to be extra comfortable and have Goodyear Welt construction for added durability and a boot that is going ot do as much as you do.

2.  Caterpillar Carbondate P90911 Black Leather Composite Toe Slip Resistant Work Boot- these boots are leather and feature a composite toe to help protect against impact and compression. They are also slip resistant to help keep your footing on any surface and they are fully leather for added durability. They also come with a nylon shank for added support while you are on the job. These boots are great for a wide range of worksites and are perfect for wearers of all sorts.

3. Chippewa Black Waterproof Composite Toe Slip Resistant Work Boot 55203- this boot is waterproof, slip resistant, and have a composite toe to help protect your feet while you work. They are also leather so they are durable and will last. They have an ultra smooth lining for added comfort and have a bootie built in to help keep moisture off your feet. These boots work for a range of different worksites to make for a comfortable and safe work day.

4. Chippewa Flame Quake Brown Leather Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot 58003- these boots are going to be durable, comfortable, and most of all they are going to keep you safe on the worksite. They are comfortable and look great at the same time. The boot features a waterproof bootie and a puncture resistant sole to help make sure that your feet are taken care of all day. They have a safety toe as well to prevent any injuries while on the job.

5. Dan Post Brown Leather Safety Toe Side Zipper Waterproof EH Rated Work Boot DP66484- this boot is perfect for those that want a boot that is going to be durable, reliable and comfortable. They come with an alloy aluminum toe and breathable internal membrane that is waterproof. These are going to be comfortable but are also rated for work and are perfect for a wide range of work sites. This boot is a zippered boot as well for an easy time putting it on and off so you can get out the door and ready to get the day done.

Boots are a must for any worksite and these five options are great for any worksite and any worker that wants their feet to be comfortable and safe all at once.

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