Top Leather Logger Boots

Logging is a difficult job, the right boot can help make it a little bit easier. Here are five logger boots that are great for those that have a difficult job and just want to have a simple time picking out a boot for them.

1. Georgia Boot G029 Comfort Core Composite Toe Black Leather Waterproof Logger Boot- this boot is perfect for those that want something practical and straightforward. This boot is made with patented comfort core technology to make all day wear simple and comfortable and is also made with abrasion resistant fabric to keep them looking great. They are easy to clean, easy to wear and have brass hardware that is going to stay looking great longer. These boots are also slip resistant and have plenty of traction to help make a dangerous job just a little bit safer.

2. Georgia Boot G9380 Gortex Insulated Steel Toe Black Leather Waterproof Logger Boot- This boot is tall so it does offer some protection to the calf and ankle area. The boots are also great for keeping your feet warm and dry and offers a polyurethane footbed to keep it dry and comfortable. This boot also has a full-sized steel shank for added protection against stepping hazards. The bottom is also replaceable so you can keep them going as long as you want to by replacing the soles when the uppers are still in good shape.

3. Thorogood 804-3566 Brown Leather Steel Toe Waterproof Logger Work Boot Made in the USA- this boot is perfect for those that want a boot that is going to stand the test of time. These boots are 6 inches tall and have a waterproof leather upper as well as a removable footbed. They also come with Aztec lining and are electrical hazard rated.

4. Carolina 8” Brown Old Town Leather Steel Toe Waterproof EH Rated Logger Boot CA9830- this boot is an old style logger boot that has a steel safety toe cap to protect feet from compression and impact and a triple-rib steel shank and oil resistant outsole to help make these boots long-lasting. They are also made with a removable insole to help add comfort to your daily routine. This particular boot is also electrical hazard rated to help protect loggers from any potential hazards.

5. Carolina 9” Brown Coper Crazy Horse Leather Waterproof Steel toe Logger Work Boot CA9821- this boot is waterproof, features a safety toes, and also adds comfort and durability to your daily workload. The one-piece rubber lug outsole is great for those that want a boot that is going to last. These also feature a steel toe to help protect toes and to make sure that your feet are protected from compression and from impact. These boots are great for those that want a logger boot that is going to look great and that is going to protect their feet while they work.

Logging boots are hard to choose but the options that are listed here are great for those that want a quick set of great options.

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