Top Western Boot Brands

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Top Western Boot Brands

Western boots and cowboy boots are a great way to be both practical and stylish. They offer the support and protection that your feet need while working hard and they also look great for a night on the town. There are a ton of great brands that you can choose from but here are 6 that really stand out.

1. John Deere- These boots have stood the test of time and offer both classic styles and newer styles to fit the changing market demand. These boots are perfect for someone that wants a great boot but that may not want to spend hundreds of dollars on one pair. They are generally utilitarian and do not have a ton of out there designs but they are still great to look at and comfortable on top of that. These boots are both traditional cowboy style as well as square toe, round toe, and steel toe versions.

2. Dan Post- this brand is not quite as well known but still offers some spectacular boots. The brand started in the United States and they are known for their practical cut, unique leathers, and square toe design. They are durable and are made from stacked leather so they do last no matter what you are doing with them. Though they are best known for square toe designs, they do offer traditional styles and are great for riders, workers, or those that just love the cowboy boot look.

3. Rocky- these are a fantastic for those that like a very distinctive style and are very durable. With a look that is both unique and classic, these boots are easy to wear, durable, and are going to look great with any outfit as well as do their job to help protect  your feet on the job. Rocky features clean lines and classic designs as well as some out there designs with unique colored leather and embroidery.

4. Double H- this brand is highly sought after and very well known. They started manufacture in the 1900s and are made for customers around the world and are durable and come in many styles from classic pointed toe cowboy boots to rounded toe riding boots. Double H offers work boots for women and men and offers a wide range of styles that fit the needs of every single wearer.

5. Durango- These boots are stylish, practical, and durable and are sold around the world. The company makes boots that are classic and look like a classic cowboy boot as well as those that look edgier and feature graphic designs. These boots are great for those that want a work boot or those that are looking for something that is a bit more stylish and better for every day wear.  

6. Thorogood- These boots are durable and are great for those that want a boot that is going to look good no matter if you are riding a motorcycle or riding a horse. They are best known for their classic style and very well made boots that are truly stunning. These boots come in steel toe variety for extra protection. Overall these are a great work boot that is going to keep on giving.